Tuesday, November 10, 2015

November 2015 Tier Payment

Hi All!

So this month I personally fell a few thousand linden short on the parcel I occupy on the sim so if the USD amount looks low don't worry!  The rest is coming out of my bank account! :)

If you're asking yourself "Why are you short when there's so many donations to keep Alouette open?"
The answer is: I use the donations towards to cost of Amy's parcel ONLY.  Which is, $3,460L/wk.  The rest I hold myself accountable for :)

Here are the screenshots for this month's transactions:

Funds Transfer from Rental Avi 11/2015

Linden to USD Sell Conversion 11/2015

L to USD Sell Transaction 11/2015
Monthly Tier & Premium Fee Paid for November.  Sorry guys, blocked out my credit card # for privacy. The amount I didn't earn in SL for my responsibility was charged to it.

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