Sunday, December 20, 2015

Fisher Price Camera Surprise

Our youngest took these pictures of Amy and her dog Henry when Amy visited back in March 2015.  It was so nice to find these!!  Today is a huge "I miss Amy" day...

NouveauXmas: Dec 20th, 2015 - Jan 3rd, 2016

No idea what to buy for Christmas? Have loads of people to buy for? Limited budget? Need giftboxes and giftwraps? We've got you covered!

From 20th December til 3rd Jan, Nouveaux region is hosting a NouveauXmas. Fuss-free and straightforward event, we have awesome creators offering their stores giftcards and/or giftboxes at a deeply discounted price. Come see us in one spot in Nouveaux,

NouveauXmas SLURL

*Note: Gift cards will only work with inworld vendors (except gachas) and not Marketplace

If you go to the event, you will see that Amy has a booth there!  I have to admit, I HATE the fact that we're doing this.  But don't take that the wrong way, it just means I WISH so badly Amy were still here.  But like Amy, I have to force myself to see the positive because she ALWAYS saw the good in everyone and everything.  The one thing I know has helped myself, but also Amy's RL family, is the fact that so many people have shown such kindness and support.  Zee and everyone involved at NouveauXmas are no different.  Thank you so much for offering to set up a donation kiosk to help us keep Alouette in world even longer.  The assistance is appreciated beyond words can express.

NouveauXmas Direct BLog Link

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

December 2015 Tier Payment

Hi There!

I used to personally have 1/4 of the sim on Larette Island but because I'm not active in Second Life anymore (that may change, you never know) I downsized my parcel and rented most of it out.  I currently reside my house and store on a 1464 prim lot.

If anyone is interested, there is a 878 prim lot still available for rent.  $1.35L per prim/per week.  Residential is ok on the ground or sky (if you prefer a skybox 1500m or higher) and Commercial is also ok (no clubs) as long as it's in the sky (1500m or higher).  The rule for the sky domes is so they don't cast a shadow on the ground for those of us that love taking pictures.  The sim is beautifully decorated and changes seasons 4 times a year.  We're currently on winter and Brennie's land looks like a post-card.

Please private plurk me @LacieCakes if interested!

Anyway, enough of my rambling.  Here are the screenshots for this months tier transactions.  I've updated last months with the finalized screenshots of Linden Labs charges as well as Amy's donation trail.  Links are in the side bar.

Transfer from Rental Avi 12/2015.  It's a higher amount due to downsizing my own parcel and renting it out.  Welcome new tenants!
Currency Exchange Transaction 12/2015

Exchange Transaction Finalized.  Now for LL to take out Tier on 12/11/15 & Premium Fees on 12/28/15

Land and Premium Fees taken out 12.2015

My Newest Tattoo

For my birthday in September, my husband paid for me to get the tattoo I've been wanting for years;  a cupcake.  Not just any cupcake, but the cupcake tattoo I've envisioned that has a diamond on top instead of the typical cherry.  EVERYONE knows (or now knows thanks to reading this blog post) that I love sparkles just as much as I love cupcakes!  After Amy's passing, it became more important to me to get my tattoo because I asked the tattoo artist to also incorporate Amy's "Leaf on the Wind" tattoo into it.  I considered getting it as a separate tattoo but I wanted the tattoo to be unique to me and in a way it symbolizes Amy and I's friendship.

Amy has been my friend for as long as I have loved cupcakes (I still don't like eating them, I just like the way they look lol).  The cupcake has always been in one way,shape or form a part of my SL business logo (and it still is if you look very carefully).  She was always such a huge supporter of my store and even though we both made jewelry at the time, we always had the utmost respect for one another.  I have so many memories of sharing a building platform, yelling at inanimate prims and creating things as we bounced ideas off each other.  She inspired me as I can only hope I inspired her.

So, I got my cupcake tattoo intermixed with Amy's "Leaf on the Wind" tattoo and it not only memorializes our friendship but symbolizes the supportive bond we shared. I like to think Amy's still watching over me and I hope she likes it.  In my head I can imagine her voice saying "awww, that's sweet!" in a way only Amy could.

I still miss her so much, every day.

P.S. please excuse the dry skin.  And if you're wondering why I didn't get it colored in, it's because I wanted it to be almost exact to what Amy's tattoo was.

I also found out, her brother will soon be getting her "Leaf on the Wind" tattoo in honor of her, with Mama Lauren's blessing.

Amy's "Leaf on the Wind" tattoo