Sunday, December 20, 2015

NouveauXmas: Dec 20th, 2015 - Jan 3rd, 2016

No idea what to buy for Christmas? Have loads of people to buy for? Limited budget? Need giftboxes and giftwraps? We've got you covered!

From 20th December til 3rd Jan, Nouveaux region is hosting a NouveauXmas. Fuss-free and straightforward event, we have awesome creators offering their stores giftcards and/or giftboxes at a deeply discounted price. Come see us in one spot in Nouveaux,

NouveauXmas SLURL

*Note: Gift cards will only work with inworld vendors (except gachas) and not Marketplace

If you go to the event, you will see that Amy has a booth there!  I have to admit, I HATE the fact that we're doing this.  But don't take that the wrong way, it just means I WISH so badly Amy were still here.  But like Amy, I have to force myself to see the positive because she ALWAYS saw the good in everyone and everything.  The one thing I know has helped myself, but also Amy's RL family, is the fact that so many people have shown such kindness and support.  Zee and everyone involved at NouveauXmas are no different.  Thank you so much for offering to set up a donation kiosk to help us keep Alouette in world even longer.  The assistance is appreciated beyond words can express.

NouveauXmas Direct BLog Link

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