Wednesday, December 9, 2015

My Newest Tattoo

For my birthday in September, my husband paid for me to get the tattoo I've been wanting for years;  a cupcake.  Not just any cupcake, but the cupcake tattoo I've envisioned that has a diamond on top instead of the typical cherry.  EVERYONE knows (or now knows thanks to reading this blog post) that I love sparkles just as much as I love cupcakes!  After Amy's passing, it became more important to me to get my tattoo because I asked the tattoo artist to also incorporate Amy's "Leaf on the Wind" tattoo into it.  I considered getting it as a separate tattoo but I wanted the tattoo to be unique to me and in a way it symbolizes Amy and I's friendship.

Amy has been my friend for as long as I have loved cupcakes (I still don't like eating them, I just like the way they look lol).  The cupcake has always been in one way,shape or form a part of my SL business logo (and it still is if you look very carefully).  She was always such a huge supporter of my store and even though we both made jewelry at the time, we always had the utmost respect for one another.  I have so many memories of sharing a building platform, yelling at inanimate prims and creating things as we bounced ideas off each other.  She inspired me as I can only hope I inspired her.

So, I got my cupcake tattoo intermixed with Amy's "Leaf on the Wind" tattoo and it not only memorializes our friendship but symbolizes the supportive bond we shared. I like to think Amy's still watching over me and I hope she likes it.  In my head I can imagine her voice saying "awww, that's sweet!" in a way only Amy could.

I still miss her so much, every day.

P.S. please excuse the dry skin.  And if you're wondering why I didn't get it colored in, it's because I wanted it to be almost exact to what Amy's tattoo was.

I also found out, her brother will soon be getting her "Leaf on the Wind" tattoo in honor of her, with Mama Lauren's blessing.

Amy's "Leaf on the Wind" tattoo

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