Friday, December 9, 2016


I'd like to send a special shout out to the mystery woman that runs the Christmas Wishes plurk account (@randomkindness) - without you, the overwhelming burst in donations to help keep Alouette open would not have been possible.  You are by far, one of the most warm hearted people I have been lucky enough to encounter.

Also, special thanks to Vanity Mirror for submitting her Christmas Wish.  She could have wished for something for herself but instead made an unselfish wish to help us keep Alouette open even longer!  I may not speak up all of the time because sometimes I'm so flabberghasted I have no idea what to say, but I saw all of your kind words and you have touched my heart deeply.

Thank you to all of you in the Plurk & SL community for donating and spreading the word.  Without you, we couldn't have kept Alouette open as long as it has been.  Over a year and a half later!  I've been so astonished by the outpouring of love, support and understanding.  When I'm having a bad day I think of you and what you have done and continue to do, Gives Me Hope & makes me strive to be a better person to pay it forward.

Thanks to  ALL OF YOU $35,980L worth of donations have been received and added to Amy's rental box for date range 11/8/16-12/9/16!!!!  That added about 2.5 more months of Tier to her rental box and the box is currently sitting about about 3 months, 2 weeks left!!

Happy Holidays!!

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