Sunday, March 4, 2018

More Bad News...

There's more bad news for Amy's family.  With Amy's mom's permission I'm sharing her recent post about their situation:

"The storm outside may be ending but the storm inside the Nauman household is just beginning. Paul had a recent MRI due to continued pain. The results have shown a 7 cm mass on his pelvis and, due to potential cancer in his blood, it has destroyed the bone marrow and thus he has a fractured vertebrae. He has a CT scan on Monday and a biopsy on Tuesday. He has been on OTC pain meds. which has helped minimally but enough to get him through the day, As a result of the pain, he has been in bed most of the time. The doctor has told him that due to the biopsy on Tuesday he must stop the medication. Please pray for him to endure the pain. Please pray for healing. Our second storm is that due to both us being out of work (Paul since Nov. 9th) our house is heading into foreclosure. Please pray for wisdom. One good thing in all this is that our faith in God is strong. We wouldn't want to go through this without Him. Even Jesus, Himself, has been known to calm the storm. We thank you for your prayers/good thoughts."

Paul is Amy's dad, Lauren is Amy's mom.  Amy's sister, Hannah, has started a gofundme page to help them during this difficult time.  Please help if you can by donating, by simply sharing the page to spread the word or just say some extra prayers for them.  They are the kindest people I've ever met (I know where Amy gets it from) and they've already been through so much... Thank you for your time!

From Hannah:

Hi everyone, 
I've set up this Go Fund Me to help my parents through this awful time. Any donation is more than appreciated and prayers to reach this goal to keep the house. Thank you for everyone's support and prayers. This is what keeps us going and strong through this time.
Please share
Thank you so much 

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