Sunday, June 7, 2015

June 2015 Tier Payment

Below are the screenshots for June's tier payment.  I am including my account information from May so you can see a fluid transition from beginning account balance to end.  I apologize in advance for the formatting of the photos.  I'm sure it looks terrible on the blog but I wanted to make sure the images were large enough so you could see the information within it.

When the tier and premium fees have been taken out for the month of June, I will update this post with screenshots.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask!


SL Name: Lacie Chambers

Proof that Private Island/Sim Larette Island belongs to me, SL name Lacie Chambers
Proof that monthly tier for a Private Island/Sim is $295USD a month and also due on the 11th of every month.

May 2015 Tier and Member Fee payment history

May 2015 Tier and Member Fee payment history continued

Payment from rental collection avatar Adela Millar.  The $60,000L transaction is the payment to me for every renter on the Larette Island sim, including for Amy's parcel.  Fees every month are about $81,350L per month so I personally pay the balance of $21,350L per month for my portion of the sim and premium fees.

I have a $5.71 USD balance on my account so I'm only cashing out what I need for tier and premium fees to total about $304.95USD.

$L and USD balance on my account after LindeX exchange complete.

UPDATE 6/15/2015

June Tier Payment Taken by LL 6/11/2015

June Tier Payment Taken by LL 6/11/2015

Donation Balance as of 6/15/2015 (does not include any new donation calculations)

Total donated as of 6/5/2015: $146,311L
- June Parcel Total:  $14,820L
Remaining Balance 6/15/2015: $131,491.00

 UPDATE 7/6/2015

Membership Fees Taken out 6/28/2015

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