Wednesday, March 2, 2016

A Year Ago Today

A year ago today, 3/2/2015,at around 8:42 am I had just finished hugging Amy goodbye and watched as her little car barely made out it of our snow filled driveway.  I cried because that's just how I operate.  I was going to miss my friend but over that weekend visit we had made plans for our joint vacation in April.  I had something to look forward to!

This is the picture we took together just before Amy drove home.
This was the weekend my sister got tickets for our family and we took Amy to her first Hockey game.    This is also the first Hockey game we took our kids to and they had so much fun with their Aunt Amy.  In Amy's own words, she had a blast.  I'm glad we were able to "pop a cherry", even though the game wasn't as action packed as they can be.

Mike, Amy and our youngest 2/27/15

Amy's own post about the Hockey Game!
 Other than the Hockey game, we didn't do much that was exciting over that weekend.  Honestly, we chilled out and binge watched a ton of movies like Star Wars, Pride and Prejudice and Emma.  I remember Amy saying she wished people still danced like they do in those times.

At the time I was in what I call a "winter funk" and was trying to not be depressed.  Amy, like she always was, was so understanding and supportive.  Sometimes I don't feel like I deserved to have such an amazing friend.  Especially since I feel that I wasn't always the best of friends back.  I wish I could have made that visit a little more special for her...

Because a year ago today, I was holding it together by looking forward to vacationing in April and seeing Amy again.  I think, somewhere deep in my gut I knew that would be the last time I saw her.  Maybe it's why I made sure, no matter how frumpy I looked, to snap a pic of us.  Amy didn't get to vacation with us because she wasn't feeling well enough to, but this simple, relaxing weekend is filled with memories that I will cherish forever.

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