Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Gacha Garden Dedication

Today I was contacted in Second Life by the lovely Meeka Sihtu.  Meeka wanted to let me know that the animated video they created for The Gacha Garden has been dedicated to our Amy.
Screenshot from the animated video created for the Gacha Garden - Dedication to Amy (Scarlet Chandrayaan in Second Life)  "For Scarlet and all of the other dreamers out there..."
For more information on the Gacha Garden event (opening August 1, 2015) and to see the full length video, please feel free to visit their website.

When I watched the video, I got goosebumps.  I hope you take the time to watch it!  It's a refreshing and imaginative perspective in regards to the appreciation of SL content creators... written by Meeka herself!  The entire theme of it is something I know Amy would love!

The other wonderful news Meeka shared with me is Amy's spot on the Bella Gacha sim will remain there as long as the sim exists!  Meeka, like many others, was touched by Amy's positive attitude despite all that she was facing herself.  It's so very kind for Meeka to keep another little part of Amy within SL to share with everyone!

Picture of Amy's spot on the Bella Gacha sim.  To visit the location directly please follow this SLURL.
Without realizing it, Amy has given so much hope to anyone that she met. Amy never thought she was doing anything special other than being herself.  From what I've witnessed first hand, she's impacted so many lives and will always live on, at the very least, within our hearts.

I love when people share things like this with me.  When I do log into SL and wander about, I often find myself looking for things created by Amy and always feel a burst of happiness when I see that someone else appreciates Amy and the things she created for us.

Last, I would like to share that Meeka generously donated a full month's worth of tier for Amy's parcel on Larette Island to help keep her store open even longer!  As promised, I'm sharing the screenshot where the $14,820L was paid directly to me, and I transferred it to our rental avi, Adela Millar for safe keeping until it's time to cash out for tier.  I always post updates at least once a month so please feel free to check out the links in the side bar.

Thank you so much again Meeka.  I can't adequately express how grateful I am for your generosity, not only from the donation but for helping share Amy's legacy!

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